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Fwd: Funny Story

Postby Amuro Lee on Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:29 pm

Sangetsu wrote:While I was on holiday in America last month, my old Peugeot folding bike was impounded as I had left it parked in front of the station while I was gone. Never mind that there are rusted remains of bikes which have sat unmoved for years,

Anyway, the bike warden gave me a map directing me to the bike impound lot so I could pick up my bike. Arriving at the lot I found that it held hundreds of bikes. The lot attendant went to get my bike, but came back after 10 minutes only to say that he couldn't find it. Somewhere along the way it had been misplaced.

I was not especially upset as it was a crappy bike which I had bought for 2000 yen at a recycle store. But I had a stroke of good luck, in the same lot there was group of bikes which were being hauled off for scrap, and among them was another Peugeot. The attendant was reluctant, but I managed to get him to give me the other bike to replace mine.

This "new" Peugeot was one of the nice Pacific models, a rebadged Riese and Muller BD-1. It took a little work to get it going, but it is a sweet bike...
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