Gear ratios: time to change?

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Gear ratios: time to change?

Postby floormat on Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:52 am

Presently own Dahon Mu Xl Sport. 8 speed hub. Looking to find out what gear inches each change of gear involves. From investigations I see I presently have a gear range of 28 - 86. Maybe I want lower. Some things I'd like to know:
How many teeth do I have on my front chainwheel? Sounds stupid,but arthritis stops me from getting down and dirty to take off chain to count(and there's some sorta chainwheel guiding canal that stops easy counting)
Next: Present rear cog is 16. Can I have this replaced with a 18 or 20 tooth cog...and in doing so,does the chain have to be lengthened? (Present chain hardly worn)
Not too bothered about top speed(aged!)and I am happy to freewheel.
Looking at carrying some luggage about bits of europe
Advice help or assistance appreciated. Thanks

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