Daily transport of Brompton - experience and recommendations

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Daily transport of Brompton - experience and recommendations

Postby EnSlavingBlair on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:15 am

Hi all,

What ways do people transport their bikes through train stations and between buses?

I just got my first folding bike (had to get it while in Melbourne as Perth doesn't sell any that are allowed on trains during peak hour). There's quite a large distance that's classified as within the Perth train station if you want to swap between the North-South line and the East-West line, and during peak hour I have to keep my bike folded and in its bag in that area.

I've only commuted with it twice so far, and I already have a large bruise on my leg where it bumps into it as I carry it. I can kind of roll it behind me if I lift the front end a little, but I have to hunch over to the side to do that, and with my backpack on I think I'm going to damage my back doing it.

Has anyone tried the lifting backpack (https://www.amazon.com/bluesprite-Lifti ... B015R12JHI)? or the moving grip (https://www.amazon.com/bluesprite-Movin ... H47X0A3HHQ)? or the pannier rack for the extra wheels (https://www.ebay.com.au/i/263267862916? ... dispctrl=1)? What are their strengths and drawbacks? What would you recommend? Are there any other options that are better, that should be avoided, or you think might be more suited to the Perth train stations?

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