Grease escaping headset - cause and effects

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Grease escaping headset - cause and effects

Postby ddoohickey on Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:37 pm

Hi there

At a coffee break on a recent Brompton ride, I noticed what looks like grease escaping from the headset on my 2016 Brompton (photo attached). After I took the photo, I wiped it clean and although it has been ridden lightly since, no more grease has appeared.

I am wondering whether some water has gotten into the headset and displaced the grease ... My best guess is that I've been caught out in the rain a few times lately - and a few weeks ago I came around a blind bend into a long (but shallow) puddle on a bike path with no-where else to go (except into boggy, muddy ground off the edge - which didn't appeal). I have mudguards fitted, though, so I thought it wasn't likely to be a disaster. The bike was dry by the time I got back to the car and I gave the bike a wipe down when I got home.

Does this diagnosis sound plausible ? And, is this much grease escaping enough to warrant getting the headset bearing re-packed ?

Thanks in advance
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