Brompton as a carry-on, need a new travel setup

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Brompton as a carry-on, need a new travel setup

Postby Thrasymachus on Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:55 pm

In the past I have used an old American tourister suitcase without wheels and luggage cart to transport my Brompton in it as it has spare room for some clothes, plus one normal sized carry-on and another bookbag as a carry-on for my laptop. I am thinking of trying to transition to using the heavier Brompton as a carry-on since my current setup is too onerous and problematic for various reasons. For a small glimpse of my wieldy setup, see:

But I have some concerns:

-- I have an extended post and a rear rack. I am wondering if the extended post will fit in the overhead rack as it protrudes more?

-- My last name begins with the letter V and I always fly coach/economy, so it is very hard for me to board early enough to find overhead bin space.

-- I usually fly to Greece to visit relatives from Newark airport in New Jersey. I have seen some Brompton users complain about hassles from European airlines. Further I always have to catch one connecting flight, meaning I will have to take the Brompton through security, and find overheard space twice in succession, each way.

What are you thoughts on my mitigating circumstances taking a Brompton as a carry-on?

If I cannot take it as a carry-on I will probably have to get something like the Tern Airporter mini, because I need some piece of luggage with wheels built in: ... -mini.html
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Re: Brompton as a carry-on, need a new travel setup

Postby Guest on Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:25 am

I have the Tern Airporter and used it to bring my Dahon to Europe last summer. Just bought a Brompton, too. It worked well. Kind of expensive, but it comes with all this padding and straps inside, as well as think to protect the dropouts and wheels (of a tern/dahon).

I also live in NYC. Almost wondering if I should rent mine out to you to recoup some of the cost...

Re: Brompton as a carry-on, need a new travel setup

Postby QueenillaS on Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:54 am

Don't know if this is too late, I know there's this site selling different types of travel bags for Brompton bikes:, not sure will it help you. :D
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Re: Brompton as a carry-on, need a new travel setup

Postby JEROLDHARTER on Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:35 pm

I would love to take my Brompton as a carry-on but it won't work. I don't live near an airline hub so I always have to take a small commuter jet for the first or last leg of my flight. In that case, the bike would need to be gate checked and therefore manhandled at times. I bought the Tern Airporter Mini. The bike does fit with Brooks saddle on pentaclip removed and folding hinges removed. Some extra padding around sharp edges is in order. I have the M6R with larger easy wheels. I have to loosen the handlebar tension bolt so the bars can rotate centrally for a more compact fold. I also have Ergon grips which might need to be loosened and rotated as well. Once packed, it is a secure package. I have not flown with it yet but will be soon as a checked bag.
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