Sold: - returned to store - Tern Eclipse P9

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Sold: - returned to store - Tern Eclipse P9

Postby morkys on Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:32 pm

I returned the bike to the store with a restocking fee last year. No longer for sale.

Hey folks. I am here in Pickering, a suburb of the greater Toronto area over here in Canada. In the chance that somebody here is in my area, or knows somebody here, I am posting this ad here. I am selling a Tern Eclipse P9 folding bicycle with 24" wheels. I bought this in a bicycle spending spree this spring, but have come to realize I won't be using it enough to justify it. In fact, it's effectively un-used and practically brand new. I don't want to sell it, but I went overboard spending and I really need cash.

Nice disc brakes, 9 speeds, awesome bike rack and a mounting on the front for optional front racks. Nice seat, great grips and a neat mini-tool kit in the right handle bar. The bike folds and un-folds quickly and easily and the handle bar position is very adjustable. It's an awesome riding bike, and amazing for commuting on the GO train etc as it folds up small and tidy. The large 24" wheels (for a folding bike) give a nice comfortable ride. Most folding bikes have 20" wheels, some even smaller. While 20" wheels aren't too bad, 24" wheels are big enough to ride long distances and provide a confident, comfortable ride.

I am asking $1200.00 or best offer. I paid $1250.00 plus taxes plus the pedals and tires are upgraded. Total value of the bike with upgraded tires and pedals is over $1500.00 and the bike is virtually un-used. Ridden from the GO train to my house and around the block a few times for a total of less than 5 KM or 30 minutes of riding.

As pictured, The bike comes with upgraded Schwalbe Big Apple 2.0 tires for a cushier ride and upgraded detachable MKS pedals. If interested, you can buy the bike with the narrower original Schwalbe Kojak 1.5 tires. Also you can opt for folding pedals instead of the detachable one's. Either way, price can be negotiated to account for the difference. If you need a folding bike, this is amazing and you won't find one like this for less.
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